There are numerous publications by and about Albert Speer in print and online media.

The “10 theories of sustainable urban planning” defined by Albert Speer are explained in “A Manifesto for Sustainable Cities” by Jeremy Gaines and Stefan Jäger by means of, among others, projects in Shanghai, Baku, Cairo, Changchun, and Frankfurt.

`Hauptsache Kultur´ (Most important thing: Culture) on HR (Hessischer Rundfunk) television
06.10.2016 / HR Fernsehen

Albert Speer as contemporary witness - From `Museumsufer´ (Museum Riverbank) to the urban space of the River Main

Witnesses – From riverside museum mile to the urban space of the River Main
May 2016 / Editor: Prof. Julian Wékel of the Design and Urban Planning department, TU Darmstadt 2016 / Pages 192 / ISBN 978-3-88536-142-8

Over recent decades, the urban space of the River Main – the riverside banks and the districts directly bordering on it – has emerged as an outstanding world of successful strategic planning and projects embedded in Frankfurt's integrated urban development policy. This publication documents interviews with contemporary witnesses about the Museumsufer, with discussions between the people in charge of the relevant municipal departments and authorities responsible for culture, planning and construction at the time, as well as the Director of Deutsches Architekturmuseum, his deputy and Albert Speer, the outside planning expert involved from the outset.

Contemporary Architecture Made in Germany
2016 by DOM publishers, Berlin/Germany / Author: Cornelia Dörries / Editorial Directors: Gabriele Seitz, Melanie Läge / 476 pages / ISBN 978-3-86922-176-2

The publication showcases more than 120 buildings, designed by German architects in over 30 countries worldwide. This volume, Contemporary Architecture Made in Germany, accompanies the eponymous exhibition – promoted by the German Federal Chamber of Architects (NAX) – that has already shown in hotspots such as Paris and Beijing. AS+P is featured in the publication and exhibition with several projects.

Wo Architekten arbeiten / Where Architects Work
2013 / © BIRKHÄUSER | BAUWELT / Ed.: Nils Ballhausen, editor, Bauwelt, Bauverlag Berlin, Berlin / p. 256 / ISBN 3038214124

AS&P was one of the 76 architecture firms from German-speaking and other countries to afford readers an insight into their premises. Each firm is portrayed by means of an outside view, a photo of the interior and a diagram of the footprint, in which the owner’s workplaces are also marked. This way not only what the architects have in common, but also the differences between them are illustrated, as are the firm’s internal organization and the stance that each individual building expresses.

A Region under Discussion
2012 / © Campus Verlag GmbH / Ed.: Karsten Zimmermann / p. 358 / ISBN 9783593396545

The international renaissance of metropolitan regions since the 1990s is also reflected in the Rhine-Main region in a number of regional collaborations. In the context of the realities in numerous fields, scholars and practitioners discuss the problems and prospects of regional collaboration in the polycentric metropolitan Rhine-Main region. Prof. Albert Speer has written an article about the structural spatial transformation processes, calling it: “Frankfurt, here we come”.

Atlas Architectures of the 21st Century, Africa and the Middle East
2011 / © Fundación BBVA / Ed.: Luis Fernández-Galiano, Bilbao / p. 317 / ISBN 978-8492937-19-6

Following publications about architecture in Asia and the Pacific, as well as America, the 3rd volume of the 4-part series of atlases is devoted to contemporary  architecture in Africa and the Middle East. In ten chapters divided up by countries and regions, selected structures and projects are presented and complemented by essays by prominent experts. In the chapter entitled “Arabian Peninsula” there is a report by AS&P about the stadiums for the FIFA World Cup™ 2022 in Qatar.

1000 x European Architecture
2011 / © BRAUN PUBLISHING AG 2011 / p. 1,024 / ISBN 978-3-03768-087-2

The structures presented in this book form a cross-section of current European building culture. 1,000 selected construction projects are displayed on 1,000 pages, and particular value was placed on both the latest works by leading architecture firms as well as works by aspiring stars of the future being feature. AS&P features with the Parktower project involving an extension to and the refurbishment of the former SGZ high-rise in Frankfurt’s banking district.

Frankfurt Airport – Bodenzauber und Höhenspiele / Magic on the Ground and Games in the Air
2011 / © Societäts Verlag / Ed.: Fraport AG / p. 160 / ISBN 978-3-9429210-00-8

In 2011 Frankfurt Airport celebrated its 75th anniversary. What is it that makes it the much quoted airport city, and where is it all leading? What impact does increased mobility have on society? And can air traffic be made to be ecological in the long term? The authors address these and many other questions about all aspects of Frankfurt Airport. Those writing about their fascination with the airport include Steffi Jones, Thomas Enders, Albert Speer, Max Hollein, Sebastian Vettel, Martin Mosebach, Matthias Horx, Peter Lückemeier, Christian Schwägerl, and Stefan Walter.

Civil Society and Civil Cities
2011 / © Frankfurt Academic Press / Ed.: HERBERT BECK & ROLAND KAEHLBRANDT / ISBN 978-3-86983-009-4

A symposium book for the series of lectures organized by the Foundation “Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft” Frankfurt, the Frankfurt RhineMain Cultural fund and Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. Prof. Albert Speer is quoted from his participation in the panel discussion “Civil Society Frankfurt_Rhine-Main – En Route to a new Self-image: Prospects for 2030”.

2011 / © Wasmuth Verlag / Ed.: Werner Durth commissioned by Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung / p. 144 / ISBN 978 3 8030 0742 1

This volume of the STADT BAUEN series commissioned by Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung (German Academy of Urban and Regional Planning) documents the 2010 German Urban Planning Award while at the time taking stock of current urban planning achievements in Germany given current challenges: In future, major tasks will not involve the construction of new and expansion of existing cities, but primarily the transformation, conversion and extension of existing structures. AS&P, Stefan Forster Architekten, Scheffler + Partner, and Hoechstetter und Partner, the firms involved in its architecture applied with the project ‘Campo am Bornheimer Depot’ in Frankfurt/Main, realized on behalf of ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING and received a commendation in the 2010 German Urban Development Award.

Summer in the City
2011 / © JOVIS Verlag / Ed.: City of Frankfurt/Main, Department of Planning, Building, Housing and Property / p. 224 / ISBN 978-3-86859-123-1

As part of a joint event involving four major cities in the Rhine-Main region, the city of Frankfurt staged almost 100 events on the topic of architecture and urban development. In Frankfurt the theme was: “City Living”, which in this book is presented in three discourses, “local”, “regional” and “national”. AS&P is featured with “Campo am Bornheimer Depot” and the study of the integration of the Frankfurt districts Bornheim and Seckbach in the urban space and the surrounding countryside.

Eminent Architects
2011 / © JOVIS Verlag GmbH / Ed.: Ingrid von Kruse / p. 288 / ISBN 978-3-86859-111-8

Architecture influences people, and people influence architecture. This illustrated book traces the people behind the design of the structures that shape the current age. The very personal portraits by the photographer Ingrid von Kruse are accompanied by statements, in which the great architects of the present day, including Albert Speer, explain what architecture means for them. A selection of sketches, diagrams, and models completes the look at the world of their artistic ideas and their philosophies. The way the architects see themselves is outlined and the ideal behind the ideas becomes clear.

Deutsches Architektur Jahrbuch 2011/12 / German Architecture Yearbook
2011 / among other things an interview with Prof. Albert Speer / © Prestel Verlag / Ed.: Peter Cachola Schmal, Christina Gräwe / p. 212 / ISBN 978-3791351353

This year’s German Architecture Yearbook maintains the standard set by its predecessors: With 23 examples it once again presents a diverse cross-section of the best structures that were recently in Germany and abroad. In an interview with Prof. Albert Speer the book addresses the highly topical subject of “Civil Protest and Planning Culture”, far beyond the movement against the “Stuttgart 21” railroad station project.

FLY PHOENIX – The Ruhr Region rediscovers itself
2011 / among others Prof. Albert Speer (80 authors) / © Klartext Verlag / Ed.: Dr. Klaus Engel, Dr. Jürgen Großmann and Bodo Hombach / p. 672 / ISBN 978-3-8375-0425-5

Dr. Klaus Engel, Dr. Jürgen Großmann and Bodo Hombach present the new anthology about the structural change in the Ruhr region. Bodo Hombach: “Phönix flieg” is a new directory for the region. However different they may be, all the authors’ facets, ideas, and perspectives underscore common ground. We in the Ruhr region are going one way: forward!” The anthology’s editors have succeeded in getting the “Who’s Who” of German business, politics, society and academia on board. People calling for something new and different also have an opportunity to make themselves heard in several places.

For example about the dismantling of parts of the Ruhr region, as the architect Albert Speer calls for in his article “Abriss und Konzentration” demolition and concentration.

Conversation topic: The interviews from the Rhein-Main-Zeitung section of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).
2011 / Peter Lückemeier (author), Werner D'Inka (author) / © Societäts-Verlag, Frankfurt/Main / p. 152 / ISBN -10: 3797312539

In their interviews for the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, the editor Werner D’Inka and local section head Peter Lückemeier elicit interesting views and insights into their life from well-known contemporaries. The two FAZ journalists adopt a simple approach in the selection of their 20 interviewees: They only talk to people they find interesting. Prof. Albert Speer was questioned as someone who has made Frankfurt his home and who has been involved with urban planning there since 1979: trade fair master plan, downtown master plan, concept for developing the “Museumsufer”, the banks of the River Main, Europaviertel district.

Automobile Architecture
2011 / Chris van Uffelen / © BRAUN PUBLISHING AG, Switzerland / p. 408 / ISBN 978-303768-085-8

Automobil Architektur presents the most interesting contemporary showrooms, gas stations and multi-storey car parks. It becomes clear that a new paradigm has emerged, which puts functionality, aesthetics and sustainability at the focal point of automobile architecture. The book presents designs by renowned architecture firms, such as the BMW Used Car Center in Dreieich by AS&P, as well as innovative works by tomorrow’s stars.

175 years of Chemnitz Technical University
2011 / © Universitätsverlag Chemnitz / Ed.: Gesellschaft der Freunde der Technischen Universität Chemnitz e.V. / p. 200 / ISBN 978-3-941003-28-6

Edited by Gesellschaft der Freunde der Technischen Universität Chemnitz e.V. (Society of the Friends of Chemnitz Technical University), the jubilee book is not a commemorative publication in the traditional sense. In addition to presenting all facets of the university’s history, it also provides a look to the future. In his article, Prof. Albert Speer addresses the topic with the title: “Room for Visions –Chemnitz Technical University in 25 Years. He also refers to the urban development concept for the downtown area in which the university is located, which AS&P drew up last year on behalf of the City of Chemnitz.

Festschrift “40 Jahre Architektenkammer NRW” / 40 Years of the Chamber of Architects in North Rhine-Westphalia, commemorative publication
2011 / among others Prof. Albert Speer / Ed.: Architektenkammer Nordrhein-Westfalen © 2011 / p. 186

The Chamber of Architects in North Rhine-Westphalia celebrated its 40th anniversary on March 25, 2011 in the state parliament in Düsseldorf. At the event the commemorative publication was presented, which met with enormous interest and was very well received. Prof. Albert Speer contributed an article to the publication: Urban planning in private hands? – The urban development master plan for Cologne city center.

Cologne Triangle Brochure
2011 / among others Prof. Albert Speer / Ed.: Die Rheinischen Versorgungskassen / p. 58

The Cologne Triangle opposite the cathedral is a new landmark in the city. It is presented in an elaborate brochure in the form of photos by Jens Willebrand. In an introduction entitled `Room for Experiments’ Prof. Albert Speer explains the visions behind the Cologne master plan and the successful integration of the Cologne Triangle high-rise in the urban fabric.

Architects’ Profile 2011 / 2012
2010 / © Birkhäuser GmbH / Ed.: Birkhäuser GmbH, Basle / p. 392 / ISBN 9783034606127

The  2010/2011 Architects Profiles present 150 selected architects from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, among them AS&P with their current works and future-oriented architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture projects. With its comprehensive information and numerous color illustrations, the book provides a clear picture of the contemporary architecture scene.

CITY VISION 1910 | 2010
2010 / among others Prof. Albert Speer, Dr. Robert Winterhager / © DOM publishers / Ed.: Harald Bodenschatz/ Christina Gräwe/ Harald Kegler/ Hans-Dieter Nägelke/ Wolfgang Sonne, Berlin / p. 480 / ISSN 0340-1774 / ISBN 978-3-86922-115-1

This book was published on the occasion of the STADTVISIONEN 1910 | 2010 exhibition staged by the Architecture Museum of Berlin Technical University, 15.10. -10.12.2010.

10 Years of the German Energy Agency (dena)
2010 / among others Prof. Albert Speer / Ed.: German Energy Agency (dena) / p. 100

On 11 October 150 decision-makers from politics, business, and society met in Cafe Moskau in Berlin to celebrate the 10th anniversary of of the German Energy Agency. The speakers included: the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Rainer Brüderle, the Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, the former Federal minister for Economic Affairs and founder member of the German Energy Agency, and the urban development professor Albert Speer. In the Agency’s commemorative publication, Albert Speer asks the question: Is energy efficiency at the cost of aesthetics?

The Master Plan for Cologne: Albert Speer’s Vision for Cologne City Center
2009 / Albert Speer, Michael Dinter, Michael Heller, Michael Denkel, Jana Hertelt, Holger Bergmann, Stefan Kornmann u.a. / © Greven / Ed.: Paul Bauwens-Adenauer ; Ulrich p. Soénius / ISBN 377430436X ; 978-3774304369

The master plan drawn up by AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner contains concrete proposals for short, medium, and long-term change in the city center. Because lots of the city’s inhabitants were at all times involved in the planning process the client placed importance on the results of the master plan being made available to the general public.

Albert Speer & Partner: Think Local, Act Global / A Manifesto for Sustainable Cities
July 2009 / Jeremy Gaines, Stefan Jaeger / © Prestel Verlag / ISBN (en) 978-3-7913-4207-8, (de) 978-3-7913-4206-1

At a time of global warming, viable, resource-saving urban development is becoming increasingly important. Based on the firm Albert Speer & Partner’s ecologically founded projects worldwide, the two authors Jeremy Gaines and Stefan Jäger formulate a future-oriented concept for environmentally-friendly urban development, which should be exemplary for all architects. In the book, topics such as urban concentration, urban sprawl, resource conservation and new technologies are just as much discussed as the question of what can be done to regenerate cities and fill them with new life? With its creative and complex solutions, Albert Speer & Partner has for 40 years now been one of the most innovative firms in the field of urban development. They view cities, with their specific requirements, as an entity: as living space for people, as a business center for those in employment, and as a citizens’ forum. Projects in cities such as Shanghai, Baku, Cairo, Changchun, and Frankfurt are explained in the book with renderings, plans, and photographs.

Foreword to Richard Wagner: Lohengrin, Opera in three Acts.
2009 / Ed.: Bayerische Staatsoper / p. 50-59

Prof. Albert Speer in conversation: Architecture and urban planning – a strong metaphor.

National Urban Development Policy. Positions
2009 / Prof. Albert Speer / Ed.: Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Development

National urban development policy should concentrate in great depth on just a few focal points, thereby enabling exemplary future-oriented projects to become reality. In order to be able to develop innovation systems, planning philosophy and activity must become far more interdisciplinary.

2005 / AS&P Albert Speer & Partner GmbH / © Verlag H.M. Nette, Wiesbaden / p. 36-59 / ISBN 3-932509-40-4

Articles by AS&P -Albert Speer & Partner GmbH:

Concept for the central axis in Beijing: Foshan Sanshui Garden City, Guangzhou; International automobile city / Anting New Town, Anting, Shanghai; administration building in Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai; Fudan University, Shanghai

2005 / Erich Follath, Karl Johaentges / © Collection Rolf Heyne / p. 354-357 / ISBN 3-89910264-9

Shanghai leaves all the world’s other cities behind. Nowhere else are buildings bolder and built more quickly, nowhere else is construction more committed to the superlative. This book is a comprehensive portrait of the city, which reveals that it is primarily the stories of the people who live in Shanghai that make thus unique world city the legend it is. Featuring AS&P Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: An interview mit Prof. Albert Speer about the projects in China and the future of Shanghai.

CHINA‘S NEW DAWN an architectural transformation
2005 / Layla Dawson / © PRESTEL Verlag, Munich, Berlin, London, New York / p. 48-51, 146/ 147, 158/ 159 / ISBN 3-7913-3270-8

With a keen eye for the historical, social, and economic circumstances, which have shaped China’s modern architecture, the book analyzes the country’s problems with creating an architectural aesthetics and formal language of its own. AS&P projects: Master plan for the central axis, Beijing; EXPO 2010 master plan, Shanghai; non-denominational prayer hall, Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai; Anting International Automobile City and New Town, Anting, Shanghai.

ÄSTHETIK EFFIZIENZ Industry, Commerce, Administrative Buildings
2005 / © Verlag H.M. Nelte, Wiesbaden / p. 42-57 / ISBN 3-932509-10-2

Features by AS&P -Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: BMW Used Car Center, Dreieich; oval on Baseler Platz, Frankfurt/Main; Baseler arcades, Frankfurt/Main; Victoria Tower, Mannheim

Plans Projects Structures
2005 / Philipp Meuser, Daniela Pogade / © Verlagshaus Braun / Ed.: Engelbert Lütke Daldrup / p. 244-245 / ISBN 3-935455-63-1

Feature by AS&P -Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Master plan for the 2012 Olympic Games

Cities for People
2005 / Jens Friedemann, Rüdiger Wiechers / © Fritz Knapp Verlag / p. 277-287 / ISBN 38314- 0775-4

Albert Speer, Johannes Dell: A German city in China. The model city Anting is an attempt to introduce coordinated, sustainability-oriented planning to the major development projects that are being tackled at great speed in the metropolis Shanghai. Ways and procedures for dynamically growing world cities are revealed that are based on local traditions and experiences. Targeted implementation of urban development geared to sustainability is the major task at hand.

No Fear of Large Structures
April 2005 / du755 - Architecture and Power / p. 20-21 / Gerhard Matzig

Monumentality has nothing to do with size. But with quality. A discussion with the urban planner Albert Speer.

An Evening with Albert Speer. Architect. Planner. Humanist
Spring-summer 2004 / Airport Club / / p. 12-17

He is a rational architect with the heart of a passionate planner. A visionary realist. And a pioneer not averse to taking a risk, with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Changing Cities – The Creativity of Destruction

Short position paper by the urban planner Albert Speer

Meet the other Albert Speer
February 2002 / Metropolis / Hugh Eakin

His father was Hitler´ star architect - but his buildings are deeply humanistic. He can´t get work in Berlin - yet his firm is one of the biggest in the world. His name is notorious - and still you´ve never heard of him (...)

Inner-city conversion sites
September 2002 / Stefan Kornmann / 2002 symposium of the Bauwirtschaft series of publications Brownfield project development, 2002 Kassel University Press GmbH, Kassel

Future-oriented urban and regional planning should be based on the principles of sustainable development. The careful treatment of the 'non-renewable resource soil' is a major aspect of this.

Architecture in Frankfurt/Main 1999-2003
2002 / Volker Albus / © JUNIUS Verlag / Ed.: Jo. Franzke / p. 95-99 / ISBN 3-88506-522-3

Architecture, interior design, detail

Features by AS&P -Albert Speer & Partner GmbH: Oval and arcades on Baseler Platz, Frankfurt/Main; Victoria Tower, Mannheim

Virtual Cities
Fall 2001 / Christa Maar and Florian Rötzer / © Birkhäuser Verlag für Architektur, Basle, Boston, Berlin, 1997, ISBN 3-7643-5620-0

Albert Speer – The intelligent city in the 21st century ... The world networked by electronic media ... as an addition to and extension of reality and new unimagined possibilities ...

Chengshi fazhan yanjiu: Albert Speer; Strategies for Urban and Environmental Development in China
February 2001 / Albert Speer / Urban Studies, 26.03.2001, Ministry of Construction, Beijing, 2001, ISSN 1006-3862

Urban Studies, 26.03.2001, Ministry of Construction, Beijing, 2001

Analysis of urban development in Beijing; development of five theories about future urban development in China: decentralized concentration as an urban planning tool; “countryside downtown” as compensation for high density; expanding public transport; infrastructure networks as a prerequisite for sustainable urban development; close cooperation between municipal and private organizations.

Visions 2000
2000 / Brockhaus-Redaktion / © Brockhaus in der Wissenmedia (1999) / ISBN 3765306118

With “Visionen 2000” the Brockhaus editors published a highly informative gift book to mark the turn of the millennium. On four pages each, 100 people in the public eye, among them Prof. Albert Speer, take stock of the present day and offer an opinion of what the 21st century has in store.

IRB Literature Selection no. 3111, Architects -AS&P -Albert Speer und Partner
1997 / Editing: Ulrike Stark / IRB-Literaturauslese no. 3111, Stuttgart, 3rd extended edition, © Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, Fraunhofer-Informationszentrum Raum und Bau IRB, Stuttgart, 1997, ISBN 3-8167-3035-3

Published works, built examples and presentation of authors’ own opinions.

AS&P, Albert Speer & Partner, Planen und Bauen/ Urbanism and Architecture
1997 / Paulhans Peters / © Birkhäuser Verlag für Architektur, Basle, Berlin, Boston, 1997, ISBN 3-7643-5265-5

Frankfurt’s Cityscape: Speer’s contribution to urban development on the banks of the River Main 1964 -1995
1996 / Lothar Juckel, Diedrich Praeckel / By Lothar Juckel and Diedrich Praeckel, with articles by Dieter Bartetzko, © DVA Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Stuttgart, 1996, ISBN 3421-03068-5

This book provides an overview of what the Frankfurt architect and urban planner has produced for Frankfurt in terms of urban development ideas, plans, and projects over the past 30 years and puts them in the context of the city’s urban planning and regional development.

Architecture Yearbook 1996
1996 / Annette Becker, Winfried Wang / © Prestel-Verlag, Munich, New York and Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt/Main / p. 44 ff. / ISSN 0942-7481 / ISBN 37913-1705-9

Albert Speer & Partner. Refurbishment of Adolf Rading’s “Haus Rabe” near Leipzig.

Architecture Yearbook 1994
1994 / Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani and Annette Becker / © Prestel-Verlag, Munich, New York and Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt/Main / p. 186-190 / ISSN 0942-7481 / ISBN 3-7913-1395-5

Albert Speer & Partner. Office and residential complex, Solmsstrasse, Frankfurt / Main.

Albert Speer: Die intelligente Stadt / The Intelligent City
1992 / Albert Speer / DVA Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt GmbH, Stuttgart, 1992, ISBN 3-42103033-2

The political, societal, and social changes in Europe, and German unification are resulting in new strains on a limited amount of living space. This challenge can only be met through the intelligent use of resources. In this context new strategies and concepts for the future of cities are of fundamental importance. The successful urban planner Albert Speer describes sets of problems and new solutions using examples from conurbations and big cities in western and eastern Germany.

AS&P Wettbewerbe / Studien / Competitions /Studies 90/ 91
1991 / AS&P -Albert Speer und Partner GmbH / published by AS&P-Albert Speer und Partner GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, 1991

This publication presents and documents the most important competitions and studies in 1990 / 91.

The possibilities for and difficulties with the reintegration of inner-city industrial and disused commercial sites
City 1/1985

Urban development in the 1990s
Architecture yearbook 1984

Changes to a city’s image or the rediscovery of the “genius loci”?
Frankfurt’s approaches to urban development in the 1990s, City 5/1984

Frankfurt/Main. City master plan 1983
Architecture yearbook 1984

The satellite town of Birkenheide near Ludwigshafen
Essen 1966

September 3, 2012 / 3sat TV channel

Albert Speer: Architect and Urban Planner

Albert Speer, emeritus professor and former Dean of Kaiserslautern University, is one of the most sought after architects and urban planners worldwide. He is just as much present in Saudi-Arabia as in China, Russia, and Germany. He has won over 20 first prizes.

“Doppel – Kopf” with “City-Visionary” Albert Speer
January 25, 2011 / HR2 Kultur radio broadcast

With “city-visionary” Albert Speer.

ARD Theme Week, “The mobile Person”
May 19, 2011 / “Berliner Gespräch” PHOENIX TV station and on ARD radio stations

Guests: Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Jutta Allmendinger, President of the Berlin Social science Center, Albert Speer, architect and urban planner, Heiner Monheim, transport researcher at Trier University and Claudia Kemfert, energy expert at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) and Professor of Energy Economy and Sustainability.

Host: Susanne Holst

The Future of Architecture
February 6, 2011 / ttt -titel, thesen, temperamente / ARD TV program

The World Cup Stadiums in Qatar.

“Eins zu Eins. Der Talk” with Albert Speer
September 16, 2010 / with Stephanie Heinzeller / Bayern 2 radio station

An interview with Albert Speer about his activities worldwide.

The Future of our Cities
August 29, 2010 / ttt -titel, thesen, temperamente / ARD TV program

An interview with Albert Speer about restoring and reconstructing historical buildings.

The Architect and his inheritance Albert Speer Junior
July 19, 2009 / ttt -titel, thesen, temperamente / ARD TV program

Albert Speer is regarded as one of the present day’s most sought after architects: He has designed a diplomatic quarter in Riyadh, boulevards in Azerbaijan, and near Shanghai he built an entire city designed for cars. Albert Speer likes to refer to himself merely as an “urban planner”, but he develops comprehensive, sustainable major projects. Current projects include his urban planning concept in Cologne and his future study “Frankfurt 2030” – while in Cairo he is planning another entire city, beyond the pyramids, this time for three million people. For this edition of the program, “ttt – titel, thesen, temperamente” interviewed Albert Speer.

ZDF Mittagsmagazin
February 15, 2008, ZDF Mittagsmagazin TV program

Mittagsmagazin on the ZDF TV channel has a report about the firm AS&P and interviews Prof. Albert Speer in his offices in Frankfurt/Main about major projects that AS&P works on worldwide.

Nachtstudio with Mr. Speer
January 2, 2008 / 3sat TV station

Albert Speer on his architecture and his projects.

DW-radio / Kulturreport
From Kerstin Lohse

A genuinely German city on the outskirts of Shanghai

Unusual challenges for German architecture firms in China. The Frankfurt architect Albert Speer has also been drawing up plans for Shanghai since 1994. Here you’re not so much needed as an architect, but as an urban planner.

Gero von Boehm meets Albert Speer
September 5; 2004 / 3sat TV channel

Professor Albert Speer, architect and urban planner, has been a major influence the cityscape of Frankfurt/Main, the place he has chosen to live, since the 1960s. Among other things he was involved with the ‘Museumsufer’ development on the banks of the River Main and the design of the trade fair grounds, as well as with the high-rise framework plan for the city. He also enjoys an extremely good international reputation, to which numerous prizes and honors attest. He would like to turn his visions of a European metropolis intro reality more often, and to this end would welcome more intensive dialog in the region. In 2003 Albert Speer received the Goethe Badge, one of the City of Frankfurt’s most respected awards. On July 29, 2004 he celebrated his 70th birthday.

Alpha-Forum in Conversation Prof. Albert Speer, Architect and Urban Planner
July 29, 2004 / with Ulrike Leutheusser / Bayerischer Rundfunk ARD TV

Albert Speer as architect and urban planner not just in Germany, but in Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East as well.

Aspekte – Interview with Albert Speer
July 26, 2002 / ZDF TV

An interview with Albert Speer on the topic of mega-cities.

Albert Speer – My Life
January 2002 / Documentary by Gero von Boehm, Germany 2002 / broadcast on ARTE

Albert Speer on his architecture and his projects.

SPIEGEL TV REPORTAGE Faces of the Third Reich: Albert Speer the legend
March 20, 2000 / broadcast on Sat1

The publicist Joachim Fest and Albert Speer Junior, who despite all the difficulties his biography involves became a successful urban planner, report on Hitler’s star architect and his role in the post-war years: “I live with my father’s phantom.”